The Permanent Collection

The Tatham Art Gallery houses a collection of significant British and French artworks dating back to the 18th century. Its South-African collection is focused on, but not exclusive to, the art of KwaZulu-Natal.

The Art of Democracy: Twenty Years of Collecting

This exhibition will remain in place until June this year. A selection of art works from the permanent collection acquired since 1994 are displayed in all areas of the Gallery. They are identified by coloured labels.

Lorna Ferguson Room

This selection of landscape paintings from the Gallery's permanent collection features a number of South African artists.

Juxtaposition: style - metaphor - format

This selection from the Gallery's permanent collection includes portraits, landscapes and still-life. Art works in different media and from different times, both European and South African, hang side by side to provide a juxtaposition of style, metaphor and format.

Contrasts: Vessels and Containers

Throughout human history, people from different cultures, from kings to commoners, have used a variety of containers for domestic purposes.

Concerts: Lorna Ferguson Room

The Friends of the Tatham Art Gallery, in association with Christopher Duigan's Music Revival and other organisations, present a number of concerts at the Gallery throughout the year.

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