The Epic of Everlasting: KWV Cecil Skotnes Collection

The heritage of KWV is significantly determined by its engagement with the arts. The KWV collection features works by several of South Africa's most revered artists, such as Skotnes, Stern and Laubser. Commissioned work forms a significant and special part of its collection, and thus lends a unique perspective to this body of art.

Cecil Skotnes, Wolraad WoltemadeIn 1977, Cecil Skotnes created a piece for KWV which is arguably one of the artist's most exceptional works. Based on one of the oldest stories of humankind, The Epic of Gilgamesh, Skotnes reimagined this story as the Origin of Wine, and translated it into a remarkable wood-carved panel. This work celebrates not only the complex heritage of the wine-making industry in the Cape, but evokes a love for wine which stems from the ancient epoch of Gilgamesh and continues into the present day.

KWV again asked Skotnes to create two series of works for their 1979 and 1982 “Art Calendar” projects. The 1982 series depicts twelve extraordinary landscapes from the Cape region, which powerfully capture the unique terroir from which KWV's wines are produced.

To honour Skotnes and his association with wine, KWV is pleased to present the Epic of Everlasting. Through this exhibition, KWV wishes to share their treasures of Cecil Skotnes' artistry, and encourage the public to take part in a wine and art experience which will continue to build on the KWV arts heritage into the future.

KWV are running an exciting treasure hunt as part of the exhibition. Details about the exhibition and the treasure hunt can be found at

For further information about the exhibition contact Bryony Clark at 033 392 2801 or e-mail:

Cecil Skotnes, Origin of Wine - Epic of Gligamesh

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