Fusion: An exhibition by Sue Akerman, Bruce Attwood and Gill Gerhardt

Sue Akerman Bruce Attwood Gill Gerhardt

Sue Akerman, Bruce Attwood and Gill Gerhardt

Fusion is the result of collaboration between three well-known KwaZulu-Natal artists. Sue Akerman is an innovative fibre artist, Bruce Attwood does unusual woodwork and Gill Gerhardt creates unique decorative designs. The artists say that three simple rules guided their working sessions:

All three would brainstorm, with Bruce beginning the skeleton of the design and then handing it back to Sue or Gill. Some pieces travelled backwards and forwards between the three artists several times before they were declared 'finished'.

With each completed piece, the trio found they had new courage and trust to work more extensively on each other's original work. Preconceived perceptions of what is considered 'correct' were broken down.

The artists declared:

"We had begun to work on the very edge of the so-called 'art piece' – digging into it and finding the form and texture, light and shadow that we needed to enhance our work."

The result is a number of outrageously different 'furniture' pieces, made from several kinds of wood by Bruce, and embellished with fibres, beads, wire, sand blasted glass panels and other interesting materials by Sue and Gill.

Bruce Attwood: Base for Standing Lamp, wood

Bruce Attwood: Base for Standing Lamp, wood

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