Lumo: A Solo Exhibition by Valerie Leigh

Valerie Leigh. Untitled, oil on board Valerie Leigh, The City of God, oil on board

Valerie Leigh explains that the works in this exhibition deal with two existing aspects of reality as she perceives it. Works framed in plain or stained wood refer to the everyday circumstances of human life – birth, death, family, generation, and the demands of daily life.

In contrast, those works that are framed in neon (lumo) painted frames deal with a dimension of glory that is co-existent, but as yet unrealized or unperceived. The artist has based this depiction of the further dimension on an article dealing with First Temple Worship (c.1012 BC). This article was written by a friend whose permission she has obtained to use it.

The artist says that her intention (apart from creating visual works) is to draw people's attention to the nature of everyday life and to assess the possibility of the glory in that which has been set aside and disregarded through custom. She wants to encourage people to consider with a perspective of greater depth the nature of the human condition.

Walkabout: Valerie Leigh - Lumo

Valerie Leigh, The Earth is of Course - The Almighty Judges the Rulers, oil on board

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