Office Politics – Scenes from the Sinking Ship

A Solo Exhibition by Faye Spencer

Faye Spencer, Top Dog

Faye Spencer is a lecturer at the University of KwaZulu-Natal's Centre for Visual Art in Pietermaritzburg. Faye explains that this body of work comprises paintings, drawings and prints that explore the power-plays and idiosyncrasies of the working world. She believes that, given the considerable amount of time most people spend at work, the absurd, peculiar and sometimes humorous engagements that occur in the office space are worth reflecting on.

Animal forms (principally canine and partly domesticated) play a metaphorical role in the artworks and are used to explore both the darker side of human interaction (violent, aggressive, suspicious) and the apparently docile (trained, performative, blindly obedient). These characteristics (and character flaws) are evident in abundance in office space and corporate environments – situations wherein protagonists with differing agendas are obliged to interact and co-operate.

Vivid colour and aggressively worked surfaces are key features of many of the paintings and contribute to the central narrative contained therein. The artist has also included a number of drawings and prints in the exhibition.

Children's Workshop with Faye Spencer

In this two hour workshop Faye will present a light and colourful activity for primary school children. The cost per child is R60, and booking is essential. For more information, phone Pinky at 033 392 2811 or Thulani at 033 392 2823.

Lunchtime Walkabout of her exhibition with Faye Spencer

Faye will conduct a walkabout of her work in the Schreiner Gallery. There will be safe parking with a car guard available on the Church Street side of the Gallery.

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