Terrence Patrick: Possibilities

Terrence Patrick says: "This show will cover fairly recent work, mostly with allegorical content. The paintings and drawings reveal the artist's interest in the human condition and were selected to show a continuity of thematic intent. One of the factors that impacts on the interpretation of the allegories is the artist's personal concerns about spirituality, sexuality and morality in the modern context of secular multiculturalism informed as it is by popular media.

Terrence Patrick: Thinking of Malcolm, gouache on paper

Most of the work is on a fairly small scale. The drawings are mixed media, pencil, charcoal, water colour and ink and some pastel. The paintings are also mixed on board or paper laid on board, oils, oil pastel, pastel, layers of glaze etc. Paintings and drawings are worked on concurrently, the one informing the other, the process always subjected to the idea which strives for transcendence."


Terrence Patrick will conduct a walkabout of his exhibition and discuss his working methods and theories with the audience.

To book, please contact Thulani or Pinky at 033 392 2801

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