Thami Jali: Restless Spirit

Thami Jali : Restless Spirit is an exhibition curated by Jenny Stretton from Durban Art Gallery, and celebrates a major KwaZulu-Natal artist who hails from Durban. Thami Jali's story is so much about South Africa's recent past: the fractured nation, its diverse cultures, seemingly endless journeys and the hunger for an authentic artistic home. Jali's life and work speaks of the pain and triumph of South Africa, and is intensely human and direct whilst maintaining a complex intellectual underpinning. He renders work about the grim, cold realities of the street that is optimistic and emotionally balanced. The work is beautiful, it buzzes in a way that marks it as current, contemporary, and demands the viewer's attention. The constructions are never obvious metaphors but lead us inevitably to consider the structures we've been part of for most of our lives as South Africans.

The Cows are coming home, wood panel

The Cows are coming home, wood panel

Workshop Programme with Thami Jali

Cost: R60 per person per workshop. Contact Pinky at 033 392 2811 email:

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