UKZN Alumni Ceramics

The Boat - Davydd Myburg

Davydd Myburg (1953-1992)
The Boat

This exhibition was brought together by Professor Juliet Armstrong as part of the African Ceramics Conference being held at the University of KwaZulu-Natal from Friday 18 to Sunday 27 September. The Tatham exhibition will close on Sunday 18 October at 17h00.

On display will be a wide range of ceramics from all over South Africa by alumni of the Fine Art Department such as Hilda Ditchburn (1917-1986), who built the first studio pottery stoneware kiln in South Africa and was responsible for setting up the University's ceramic studio; Bryan Hayden, a student of Hilda's, who made stoneware in the 60's and sold it in Johannesburg through Helen de Leeuw; John Wilhelm, functional potter; David Walters, who is displaying an award winning dinner service; Fée Halsted-Berning, who is the mastermind behind Ardmore Ceramics; Ian Garrett with his burnishing techniques and Clive Sithole as the artist in residence for 2009. Other exhibitors include Bea Jaffray, Katherine Glenday, Ian Calder and many others. Works from the Tatham Collection include sculptures by Davydd Myburg (1953-1992).

The emphasis of this conference will be on education, ranging from school teachers to artists, archeologists, ethnologists, community workers and the general public. Workshops will include demonstrations on indigenous ceramics, burnishing techniques and glaze applications, how to use clay without the advantage of expensive equipment, and a wood firing. The Workshops are to be held in the Ceramics Section of the Centre for Visual Art and the academic papers will be presented in the John Oxley Lecture Theatre.

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